Being in public sans makeup can make a lot of women feel naked, thereby making going to the gym a bit of a nightmare. If you’re not comfortable leaving your arsenal at home and going bare-faced, here are some tips for a exercise-proof and confidence-boosting look.

Pre-Gym Scrub


Washing your face after a workout may seem like a no-brainer, but what about before? A pre-gym scrub can ensure you’ll look AND feel fresh at the gym. Thoroughly washing your face before exercising allows your skin to breathe easy and your pores to become clog-free. Plus, if your skin is looking flawless, you’ll feel flawless with or without makeup!

Waterproof Everything


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You should be running, not your makeup! Combat the sweat with waterproof liner and mascara. To cover those inopportune marks or pimples, use water-resistant cream such as Clinique’s CC cream instead of powder to avoid streaking. Avoid using liquid or powder foundation! Not only will your foundation eventually melt while you work out, the gunk will literally suffocate your skin which means more unsightly marks and blemishes. The water-resistant cream will not only conceal but also moisturize so trust us, put down the concealer and get yourself some replenishing cream. For all your waterproof makeup needs: check out the refreshing Raw Coconut Cream from RMS Beauty, Tinted Moisturizer and BB Cream from Suntegrity, Organic Eyeliner from Antonym that comes with a built-in sharpener.


Keep It Simple


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You wouldn’t do deadlifts in your sexy club dress, would you? Leave smokey eyeshadow and blood-red lipstick at home! Apply makeup sparsely and tastefully. Remember, sweating is GOOD. Don’t plug up and irritate your pores with too much foundation. If you’ve piled on the liner or mascara, not only will your look be out of place at the gym, thick makeup might irritate your eyes –waterproof or not. Penciling in or thickening your eyebrows can really accentuate your features and bring all eyes to your face. Make sure your eyebrows are perfectly on fleek! For lips, forgo the shiny lip gloss and lipstick and use a tinted lip-balm. You don’t have to give up color for practicality! For those who want a splash of color, check out Mullein + Sparrow’s Tinted Lip and Cheek Balm, Rose + Vanilla Lip Tint from Fig + Yarrow, and the Nudist Colobalm Stick from W3ll People.


Do It Up

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Makeup should stay understated and minimalist at the gym, frame the subtleties with an awesome hairstyle! But don’t break out the curling iron and hairspray just yet, there are plenty of pretty AND practical hairstyles. Keep it simple and perky with a high ponytail and accessorize with a bright headband, or say goodbye to flyaways with a tight fishtail, or rock the messy chic look with a classic bun. No time to gussy up after a workout? Try a twisted bun with bobby pins for loose and natural waves post-workout. Freshen up with a spritz of dry shampoo and you’re good to go!


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