So your normal workout routine has gone a bit stale and you find yourself running yourself into a bit of a rut, it happens to everyone. Maybe it’s time to kick the blues away with something new!

Some heart-pumping music, some room to move, a hardy punching bag or a trustworthy partner to spar with, and a pair of weighted gloves is all you need to make a huge change in your routine. Freestyle kickboxing is a great way to add spice and an intense challenge to your weekly fitness routine. You’ll grow to love the exhilarating feeling of using and controlling your body’s momentum and power. This particular aerobic exercise will work your body from head to toe. You’ll find yourself kicking and punching your way to a healthy and energized lifestyle in no time!

The Basics


Photo taken by Karen Pilling

Always start with your feet shoulder-width apart with your two hands in the “guard” position (chin level, fists facing each other). Keep your knees slightly bent and ready for constant movement and action. Here are a few basic moves you should know when you begin your first foray into combat sports:

The Jab

A very fundamental action, punch your fist directly in front of your corresponding shoulder. Recoil then repeat!

The Hook

Raise your arm so that it’s parallel to the floor and your elbow is aligned with your fist. Swing your arm in a hooking motion. Wind back and repeat.

The Cross Punch

Just as the name suggests, assume the jab position and swivel your torso, lifting your corresponding side of your hip, shoulder, and hip to punch across instead of straight. Bring your body back to its original position and repeat.

The Front Kick

Start your kicks low, don’t be too ambitious! Bring you knee up to hip height, extend your lower leg and snap your foot forward. Bring the leg back and return to the guard position. Make sure when you snap your foot that your instep is making contact with the target.

The Side Kick

Start like you would a front kick by bringing your knee up, but instead of extending your lower leg, pivot on your supporting leg to swing your kick toward the target. Your heel should be making contact with the bag.

Once you’ve got the basics down pat, it’s time for combinations! Mix and match these moves for a dynamic workout that will not only challenge you but also keep you motivated and moving.

Photo taken by Lara Danielle.

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