Whether you’re making your way to cycle class after work or getting ready for a morning of relaxing yoga, your gym-bag is your constant companion. Aside from a change of clothes, necessary gear, and maybe a healthy snack,  your post and pre-workout beauty essentials should also be considered a gym-bag staple.

Here’s what we have in our bag, what about you?

Your Basic Makeup Kit

Photo taken by Maria Morri.

Photo taken by Maria Morri/Flickr

This should be a bit of a no-brainer. As great as working out feels, you can definitely come out of the gym looking a bit worn out. Freshen up with make up and look as good as you feel. Touching up before going into class with nude tones will give you an energizing boost to your confidence and add an extra bounce to your step. We’re not telling you to put on your best clubbing warpaint –less is more. Grab your favorite nude palette, throw it in your gym-bag, and get going!




HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! If you’re always on the move (who isn’t?) then having a bottle of water with you is a MUST. We love Fiji water as it’s compact and a great thirst quencher. Bring a pack of water flavorings to jazz up your hydration game.


Lip Balm

Basking in the sun or trudging through snow, your lips are going to be at risk. Stay comfortable before, during, and after your workouts by keeping lip balm handy. We recommend using the delectable Lucas Papaw Ointment which is made with fresh papaya from Queensland. Yummy! Another one of our favorites is everybody’s favorite organic lip balm, Burt’s Bees. If you’re looking for a good tinted lip balm, try Lip Whip from Kari Ghan, its ingredients are non-GMO, organic, and wild-harvested.


The worst feeling in the world is when you walk out of the gym with that damp and nasty feeling in your pits. As much as we love to sweat, we don’t want to let stink get in the way of our post-workout vibes. Deodorant is essential pre-workout and post-workout. If you don’t have this in your bag, go out now and get a stick! We absolutely love everything from Kiehl’s, but their Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Cream lives up to its incredibly long-winded name. With orange, lemon, and linseed extracts, you’re going to feel and smell refreshed without that overpowering fake flowery smell you sometimes get with other brands. This deodorant combats wetness and odor, so you’ll never find yourself wanting for an anti-perspirant/deodorant. If you’d prefer a spray, organic deodorant sprays from Erbaviva and Fig+Yarrow are equally effective at stopping odor and dampness.



It goes without saying, a good workout means you’ll be sweating a lot. Keep your skin hydrated after an intense session with an equally intense moisturizer. The Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer from Shiseido is a personal favorite and packs an incredible hydrating punch, you’ll leave the gym with an energized mind, body, and skin. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, the Hydrating Aloe Lotion from Fat and the Moon is made in California and guaranteed to nourish even the most dry and damaged skin. Also check out Earth Tu Face’s Hydrate + Nourish Body Butter for a moisture-rich therapy cream that will keep wrinkles and dryness at bay.


If your gym has a spa, use it! Bring a facemask kit and bask a little in your post-workout glow. You might get a few weird looks but who cares? Your face will feel so soft and velvety, it won’t even matter. For your impromptu spa session, we recommend The Honey Mud Cleansing Silk from May Lindstrom and the brightening Tourmaline Clay Mask from Herbivore Botanicals.

Hair ties/Headband



Photo taken by Linda/Flickr

It’s hard to concentrate on a difficult yoga position when you have hair in your face and there’s nothing worse than a sweaty strand of hair poking you in the eye. Tie up your tresses with a hair tie or keep them back with a headband. Hate the feeling of bands? Just use a hair clip/pin or two to keep your hair in place while you rock out during your workout.


Your Phone


Your ever-present companion should follow you even to the gym. Keep yourself occupied with podcasts, audiobooks, or your favorite playlist. Grab a pair of good workout headphones too! In addition, take full advantage of the technology sitting in your pocket and download a fitness tracker so you can record progress and learn how to push yourself more the next time around. Another fun app to try is the meet-up app, Happn. If you’re looking for a like-minded mate to work out with, Happn will help you keep an eye out for a workout buddy. :)

An Awesome Gym Bag (Finally)

fitness-luxe-gym-bag-go-steady-manduka  fitness-luxe-gym-bag-gaiam-everything-fits
Make the most out of your gym bag by finding one that suits your needs. The GO Steady 2.0 bag from Manduka makes carrying your yoga mat super easy, it fits mats as wide as 26 inches and separate compartments for your essentials. Speaking of yoga bags, Gaiam’s ever popular Everything Fits Gym Bag gets two thumbs-up from us.

The playful Tomboy Napsack from Hurley comes in three different prints. Evoke your inner tough gal with this casually chic bags that comes with several compartments for all your gear. For those who must brave the elements to get to where they need to go, have no fear Sweaty Betty is here! If you’re always on the move going from point A to point B, Sweaty Betty’s Commuter Backpack is the perfect bag for you. Even in the heaviest of storms, this bag will keep your valuables bone dry with fold-able waterproof cover. For those evening runs, the bag’s reflective material will keep you visible in the dark.

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