The hardest part of starting a workout regime is finding motivation. As someone who was frequently picked last during P.E., finding the drive to keep up with my peers was nigh impossible. Five years later, I still at times  find it hard to tear my attention away from whatever I’m doing, get off my butt, and head to the gym. I know I’m not the only ex-couch potato taking a leap from chips to dumbells, so let’s talk about motivation! I’ve drummed up my own personal golden rules for working out and staying active. Feel free to make your own, what’s important is that you make these rules a reality and stick to your guns even when the going gets tough.




The first and hardest step is to make time for working out. It seems like a no-brainer but sacrificing precious work-free downtime in favor of being sweaty and uncomfortable is a difficult task. The key is to start slowly and assimilate the new routine to your schedule. Devote a small chunk of time, once or twice a week to working out. As working out becomes easier and more enjoyable for you, start increasing your tme spent at the gym. If you’re unorganized like me, it might be time to start keeping a planner. Having a planner lets you take command of your day. Not only is it a constant physical reminder of what needs to get done, it also makes you feel more efficient and productive at the end of the day.




The best way to enjoy a great workout is to leave your ego at the door. That being said, keep an open mind and try new things! Running 30 minutes on the treadmill isn’t going to get you places nor is it very engaging or exciting. It’s in your best interest to take advantage of the diverse fitness community out there and try different things. You probably won’t find something that fits you right away but don’t worry, finding your passion is half the battle. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and move away from the conventional. If you’re mellow, try channeling your inner ferocity with some kickboxing or MMA. Not that great at dancing? How about a Zumba session or two? Check out Groupon to get an affordable taste of a diverse array of fitness classes. If you don’t find something you like, move onto the next! The fitness world is your oyster.




If you’re looking for instant results, prepare to be disappointed. Getting a sculpted figure the RIGHT way is hard and grueling work. The amount of time, effort, and sweat you put into your workout is equal to the satisfaction you’ll get at the end of the day. Be patient. It’s disheartening to look in the mirror after the first few days and not immediately see tight abs and a slim figure, but these things take time. You’ll learn to love the feeling of hard-earned sweat on your brow and the full body ache that comes the day after, because it means you’re in the process of earning a body you love.




The only thing stopping you from making that last mile or rep is you. As someone who has never had much self esteem, confidence can make or break your motivation. What stopped me from going to the gym was my own paranoia. What if the class is too advanced? What if I’m the least fit person at the gym? I probably look like a scrub next to those girls. At the end of the day, mulling over these unanswerable questions is just another way to procrastinate. I’ve come to realize that a good gym is a judgement-free gym and, more often than not, other people want help you with your journey not bring you down. Just remember, it’s never getting easier, you’re just getting better.


Featured photo taken by Greg Westfall.

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A Hong Kong-native with a penchant for good food and drinks, Kelly Lo has always had a love-hate relationship with fitness. In the past, Kelly has backpacked across a good portion of the Nakasendō trail, gone mountain-biking in New Zealand, and white-water rafting in Australia. Now she dabbles in yoga and kickboxing in her new home, New York City. Kelly enjoys writing about her experiences, as well as promoting the Fitness Luxe mission of health and happiness.