As the temperature drops, so does our motivation to brave the cold and get to the gym. The second best option is to bring the gym to your home! Stay in shape and keep the winter blues at bay with these simple and easy-to-follow home exercises.

1. Calisthetics Circuits

Tim Jordan • Personal Trainer Edinburgh • Outdoor Training • Plank

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Circuits, you love them or you hate them but you can’t do without them. Make up your own regime or find one you like online. Make sure to throw in some squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, dynamic stretches, and burpees –no circuit is complete without burpees. From number of sets to what exercises you’ll do, customize your circuits to your liking, don’t be afraid to push yourself!

2. Jump Rope

Hop, Skip, Jump

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Jump rope isn’t just for P.E. anymore, it’s a great way to get your heart pumping in a matter of minutes. If you’re shopping for a great cardio workout with a space restriction, jump rope is the workout for you. Jumping rope burns more than 10 calories a minute and strengthens your legs, butt, shoulders, and arms. Is your skipping game strong? Challenge yourself with different styles such as double unders, criss-cross patterns, and running in place. Work the rope into your circuits if you’re looking for an extra challenge.

3. Yoga



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Yoga is the perfect workout for any environment. Whether you’re on a hike, at the gym, or in your kitchen, a relaxing and productive yoga session can happen just about anywhere. Just lay your mat down, turn on some chill jams, and channel your inner yogi for inspiration. If you’re at a loss for what positions to do, there are plenty of sources online to get you started.

4. Kettlebells



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Kettlebells are an integral part of any strength training regime, so having a pair around your house wouldn’t hurt. Not only is there a huge variety of simple upper body exercises, there are also many complex movements that will work all of the major muscle groups in your entire body. You can even incorporate them in with your circuit training! If you’re a beginner, stick to simpler movements such as shrugs, raises, squats, and presses. Once you feel more confident, pairing simple movements with more full body exercises such as Turkish get-ups and kettlebell twists.

5. Ab Wheels

A warning, ab wheels will destroy you! An inexpensive and simple workout, the ab wheel tests you ability to stabilize your body, and maintain form and tension in your muscles. Hold the wheel at your feet, roll out until your whole body is laid out as far as it’ll go without losing form, and then pull everything back until your hands and feet come together. It sounds simple enough, but it’s a very challenging workout. If your core isn’t up to task, the ab wheel will definitely make you feel the burn. Start with progressive exercises such as rolling out from the knees and rolling from a decline (like a board put up at an angle). Form and technique are very important in this workout, don’t strain yourself!

6. Videos


Let’s face it –if you’re at home, you’re probably on the computer. Set aside facebook and cute cat pictures for an hour or so, get on Youtube, and search for workout videos. A simple search will get you a million different types of videos from yoga to zumba. Use the visual aids to inspire and motivate your workout. If you’re home alone, sometimes it’s just nice to have a workout buddy.


Featured photo taken by Adamknits/Flickr

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