Dry weather is the enemy of smooth and supple skin everywhere. Now that we’re in the dead of winter,  your arsenal should be chock full of moisturizers and other goodies! Neglecting to religiously follow a skincare regimen can lead to permanent damage to your skin and a slew of problems. When your outermost layer of skin dries out, your skin is more vulnerable to the elements (wind, sun, and snow to name a few) and can even develop acne as a result of damaged and irritated skin. Your skin may even produce more oil to hydrate itself which means more pimples and more problems! Finding the right skincare regimen for you can be a bit daunting, so we’ve made a list of lip balms, face masks, and moisturizers to start your journey into smoother and healthier skin!



If we had to choose, we’d rather have dry skin than chapped lips! Cracked lips can get extremely painful and can get in the way of talking, eating, and drinking. Why suffer when you can use lip balm?

fitness-luxe-hydration-mullein-sparrow-lipbalmfitness-luxe-hydration-body-shop-born-lippyfitness-luxe-hydration-well-people-multiuse-colorstick fitness-luxe-hydration-co-bigelow-rose-tint
Lip balm doesn’t have to be boring. Without losing their functionality, these lip balms are both refreshing on the lips and easy on the eyes. Aside from The Body Shop’s “Born Lippy” watermelon salve (which comes in a variety of flavors), all the products above can also be used on your cheeks, cuticles, and whatever else needs a little bit of color and a lot of moisture. W3ll People’s multi-tasking colorstick comes in four different shades, from Creamy Peony to Berry Aubergine.(From top left to right: Tinted Lip + Cheek Balm/Mullein & Sparrow, “Born Lippy” Watermelon Pasteque/The Body Shop, Universalist Multi-Use Colorstick/W3ll People, Rose Salve/C. O. Bigelow)

Not a fan of tinted tips? Here are our picks for best overall lip balms to have in your bag. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for pastel colors and cute things, but I’m simply in love with the smooth spherical lip balm from EoS. The rounded design makes it very easy to grip and apply. They come in a variety of flavors, I personally recommend Summer Fruit. If you’re looking for a lip balm made from raw, organic, and vegan ingredients, Hurraw! has you covered with its balm made from raw coconuts. If coconuts aren’t your jam, then look no further than Kari Gran’s Naked Lip Whip for smooth and shiny lips. For an extreme splash of hydration, check out Clinique’s Superbalm Lip Treatment. It’s small but packs quite a punch! (From top left to right: Smooth Sphere Lip Balm/EoS, Coconut Lip Balm/Hurraw!, Lip Whip – Naked/Kari Gran, Superbalm Lip Treatment/Clinique)



A dry and cracked face is not a happy one. Applying some cream overnight and in the morning can make the difference between looking 30 and looking 80. Here’s our picks for best face moisturizers and face masks to use.


fitness-luxe-hydration-may-lindstrom-youth-dew-serumfitness-luxe-hydration-s.w. basics-creamfitness-luxe-hydration-blemondo-the-cloudfitness-luxe-hydration-mary-kay-moisturizing-cream
For super hydrating serums and creams, look no further than the above! The Youth Dew Face Serum from May Lindstrom can be used on its own without additional moisturizers. Just a few drops in the morning and at night and you’ll be able to enjoy glowing, bouncy, and healthy skin all day long! For heavy duty moisturizing, pick up a jar of Mary Kay’s Intense Moisturizing Cream or S.W. Basics’ Organic Shea Butter which is great for both your face and body. Sensitive skin? Try The Cloud by Belmondo, this luxurious cream works wonders season to season and is effect against irritated, eczema, or psoriasis-prone skin. Pair The Cloud with its sister product, The Dunes, an exfoliate for maximum benefits.  (From left to right: Youth Dew Face Serum/May Lindstrom, Organic Shea Butter/S.W. Basics, The Cloud/Belmondo, Intense Moisturizing Cream/Mary Kay)


fitness-luxe-herbivore-herbivore-activatefitness-luxe-mullein-sparrow-facial-steam-maskfitness-luxe-hydration-fresh-black-tea-maskSONY DSC
Relax after a hard day’s work with a brightening face mask. For firm and bouncy skin, try Fresh’s Black Tea Instant Perfect Mask. Been out and about all day and need a deep cleanse? Check out Activate, a tourmaline and charcoal mask from Herbivore Botanicals. Glamglow’s THIRSTYMUD series offers a rich hydration treatment that will give the healthy-looking and glowing complexion of your dreams. For a true spa-at-home experience, Mullein & Sparrow’s detox kit will cleanse your pores of toxins and deliver important nutrients to your tired and weary skin. (From top left to right: Activate Deep Pore Cleanse/Herbivore Botanicals, Facial Detox Steam and Mask Kit/Mullein & Sparrow, Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask/Fresh, THIRSTYMUD/Glamglow)



So we’ve gone over lips and faces, but we have so much more ground to cover. Give your skin the royal treatment from your neck down to your toes with our top body butter picks!

fitness-luxe-hydration-elemental-herbs-all-good-goop fitness-luxe-hydration-origins-body-souffle fitness-luxe-hydration-wildcrafted-butterfitness-luxe-hydration-kiehls-creme-de-corps
For deep and effective hydration, we recommend all four of these wonderful brands. I personally love Origin’s Gloomaway Grapefruit body souffle for its heavenly fragrance and silky texture. Not only is it luxurious, the cream is incredibly effective in revitalizing cracked skin. If you like the smell of lavender, All Elemental Herb’s All Good Goop and Kiehl’s Creme de Corps offer lavender scented balms. In addition, All Good Goop is a great panacea for damaged skin, such as minor burns or cuts. Like Sunfood’s shea butter, the goop is organic too! (From top left to right: All Good Goop/Elemental Herbs, Gloomaway/Origins, Moisturizing Wild Crafted Shea Butter/Sunfood, Creme de Corps/Kiehl’s)

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