The Christmas festivities have started and nothing evokes the season’s special feeling of cheer and good will better than spending time with friends and family. While itis-inducing dinners and brunches make for stellar get-togethers, why not skip the heavy meal and the inevitable post-feast nap and head to the gym for a group class instead? Blend fun, fitness, and family with a challenging class and burn off those endless Christmas dinners in the process! We’ve picked out classes we think families or friends can all enjoy together. Who knows? Working out together might become your new Christmas tradition.



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The holiday season is generally regarded as the most cheerful time of the year, but it can get pretty stressful. Melt off all the shopping-induced anxiety with a relaxing yoga session with your best friends. If you’re looking for a quiet and intimate time with your friends, go take a yoga class and come out refreshed and totally zen. Yoga may seem like a solitary activity, but the peaceful and interconnected nature of yoga is actually a great activity to bring people together through collective action and breathing. Plus, it’s nice to have a friend around for support when it comes to the more complex and difficult positions. :)


Urban Rebound


If meditating with friends doesn’t appeal to you, how about jumping with friends? You don’t have to be an expert gymnast to join an Urban Rebound class, and contrary to what the name suggests, it’s not a parkour class. A fun and dynamic to get a good workout, Rebounding combines cardio, strength, and abdominal  exercises. If you can get over the fact that you and your buddies are bouncing on little trampolines, this workout routine will make you feel the burn.




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Who says you can’t have fun while working out? Take a break from clubbing and get down during the daytime instead. If you and your friends love to dance, head off to a Zumba studio, and show off your moves. There’s nothing better than having a blast while working out, and having your friends with you will allow you to really let go and enjoy the music. Zumba is guaranteed to get your blood pumping with energetic beats, atmosphere, and energy, you and your friends will be coming back for more.


Pole Dancing


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So maybe this isn’t the most appropriate class to take with your family, but it’s the perfect workout for you and your girlfriends (or guy friends). From a hen party to a weekly routine, pole dancing is perfect for any fit gal get-together. I’m sure you’re already know how hard it is to work the pole, so what’s more fun than watching you and your friends defy (or fail to defy) gravity for an hour? In addition to embracing your inner sexiness, this calorie-burning activity will also make you more limber and stable. You’ll also love your new toned sexy legs and arms!


Boot Camp


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Friends who sweat together, stay together! If you and your pals need some motivation to workout, then an intensive boot camp is probably right up your alley. You’ll feel much better knowing that your friends are suffering and struggling just as much as you are under the whistle of your instructor. Misery (and fun) loves company. Get in the “Boot Camp Spirit” and work as a team while you push through tough circuits.


Rock Climbing


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Speaking of teamwork, take turns climbing and belaying with your friends at your nearest rock climbing gym. Unless you’re scared of heights (in which case, skip on ahead) you’ll have a blast scaling the walls and watching your friends take to great heights as you (literally) support them from the ground. On belay! Climb on!


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