Photo taken by Harpers470.

Photo taken by Harpers470.

Ride the Rockies may have just wrapped up this year, but you should start prepping for Ride the Rockies 2015!

Are you a newbie who missed your chance this year? Well, have no fear. Here’s a quick introduction to what Ride the Rockies is all about. The Denver Post Ride the Rockies is an annual bicycle tour that will take you on a 6-7 day ride through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The routes are different every year, but you can expect to ride 40 to 100 miles in a day. The Ride is a non-competitive event and proceeds go towards The Denver Post Community Foundation.

If you’re up for tackling the challenging slopes while enjoying a breathtaking view, take your trusty bike and get training. See you next June in Colorado!  Check out more details here.

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