When my fitness journey started, I was determined to be physically and mentally in shape. I was already quite athletic, but I wanted to look and feel better than I’ve ever had. I wanted to feel better than my twenties and definitely better than my thirties! But I didn’t want to make my whole life about working out I wanted it to be a part of my lifestyle and even incorporate my workouts into my frequent travels. I have a career, a business to run, and family and friends I want to spend time with. Life will run its course with or without you, so it’s up to you to make your experience worth something.

I am taking a new step in my life and I invite you to follow my crazy fitness journey at fitnessluxe.com. I’m excited to announce that I am prepping for another competition in September.  I’m 12 weeks out from competing again and I’m ecstatic about the process but not so much the goal. It has been 4 months since my first challenge, the Rocky Mountain Natural Championship where I placed 1st in my class. I took almost 2 months off to recover from any injuries and more importantly, to refocus and decide if I wanted to compete again. I had a great time doing the show and I really pushed myself out of my own comfort zone. Since then, I’ve dialed back my running and have been doing yoga three times a week. I’m not lifting as much as I should but as you can see, I’m trying to lean out as much as I can before putting on muscle.


After a few months of being off, I started my nutrition plan. Training is easy –it’s the eating part that gets you. I’m making meal preps for the week and slowly letting go of the unnecessary carbs, especially my morning baguette with butter, the occasional donut or two, and white rice. There’s no crazy diet to talk about, I’m just eating clean, cleansing my body, and keeping on track. My goal is to eat healthy on a regular basis and plan my meals when I’m home or when I’m traveling for work. Healthy choices at a restaurant can still keep you on track! Planning my meals can make or break my crazy fitness journey back on stage. It’s my way of prepping for the next show where I’ll have to “defend my title”. That just sounds funny to me!


Here’s my challenge for you! I want you to push yourself. There is no better time than right now to make a change.

Follow me as I prep for my next competition and I’ll update you ever so often on my progress. It won’t be perfect but I’m committed to try my best and rock the stage in September! Check out my fitness blog at www.fitnessluxe.com or on Facebook FitnessLuxe. I hope you enjoy my updates!

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Lani is Founder/Creative Director of Fitness Luxe. A typical southern California surfer girl, a Colorado skier, and a New York fashionista who travels the country to find the coolest and greatest fitness gears. Fitness Luxe is a lifestyle blog that promotes health, fitness, travel, style, and luxury. We like to be active and look good doing it! {your personal yogi, trainer, health coach}