Today, I managed to find time to sit down and update you on my progress. It’s been a rough couple weeks of work, travel, and life. Life happens, right? It’s been around 6 weeks since my last update and I just thought I’d drop in with an update. I’m officially 5 weeks out from competition and all I can think about is whether or not I’m ready or if I’ve had too many cheat days. Excuses seem to get in the way, “I’m too tired to workout”, “Just one cheat meal will be okay?”, “It’s taking forever for my abs to come in”, and “I will never look like her.”

Do you have excuses? Do you get tired? I know I do but I realized I can make small adjustments to help push me along, such as sleeping more and keeping with my nutrition plan even when I’m traveling. Making healthy choices can make or break my training. Don’t let these excuses derail your progress. I think of them as a challenge, it’s just another hurdle to jump over. My motivation right now is getting ready for this competition, followed by a photo shoot that I passed up the last time I competed.


It takes dedication to get in shape and making time to workout. When I can’t get to the gym I have my resistance band everywhere I travel. I stay motivated by doing what I love. I get to hike, bike, and do yoga with some amazing yogis at The River Power Vinyasa Yoga studio. Doing yoga 3 times a week has helped me lean out and strenghten my Core. I don’t always have time for a long run or feel like hitting the gym to lift weights, but when I feel tired I make myself go to yoga so I can let go of whatever anxiety I have for the day or week. I love the girls at the River Yoga, all the teachers have such different personalities and boy do I enjoy the selection of music. Occasionally, the “F” bomb gets dropped in class, a flashlight up your butt joke in downward facing dog, the power of laughter, or simply a long sigh helps me enjoy my activity regardless of how crappy my day is going. Because you know what, Letting go is the hardest asana!

Here’s a reality check, this is hard. Staying healthy and fit is a lifestyle that takes a lot of hard work. But it’s not impossible to get in shape. I feel fabulous at forty. I know now that no matter how many times I fall, I will fight to get up. We/I need to remember that it takes time to achieve that body or that goal. My six pack abs isn’t going to appear overnight. Trust me, I wish it did. Most of all, I forget to celebrate the progress I’ve made along the way, to enjoy this fitness journey.


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