We watched the sharp rise in Cross Fitters, avid Spinners, and dare we mention, Morning Ravers this year, but are these trends really all they’re cracked up to be? Or are these trending classes that promise to give you a six-pack or a big butt just fads? Before we get into some end of the year self reflection, let’s look back at some of the notable fitness trends of 2014.




Ever rocked your heart out while performing a sick air drum solo? Now you can do it in public. Pound is the brainchild of former drummers Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza. Lauded as a full-body workout AND jam session, Pound is a combination of cardio, Pilates, and isometric movements and poses. With their patented, light weighted drumsticks, Ripstix™ and carefully calibrated music, you’ll be pounding off the pounds like a rock star.




Feel like a true fitness warrior with Bodyblade®. No it’s not a bow and, for any butterfingers out there, no it’s not an actual blade. So what is it? Invented by  Califnoria physical therapist, Bruce Hymanson, the Bodyblade® is a piece of exercise equipment that emphasizes the effects of inertia and vibration on your movements. The harder you push and pull on the blade, the greater force is required to stop the speed and movement of the blade. To put it simply, you’re supposed to resist the movements and vibrations of the blade with your own careful and precise movements. According to their website Bodyblade is used not to gain muscle but to train movement, speed, agility, and precision.  The workout is supposed to challenge the entire core as you use different sets of muscles to calm the oscillations in the blade. You can also use it in aerobic training.



Short on time and need a good, butt-kicking work out? HIIT might be just the time-saving workout you need! HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training has been making the rounds in England, Japan, and Canada, and it’s starting to gain some momentum here. The idea is to maximize every second of your workout by giving your all in quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery period. The workout is supposed to keep your heart rate up so you can burn fat in significantly less time. Like many circuit training programs HIIT allows for a lot of customization, You can incorporate jogging, cycling, swimming, and more! HIIT workouts generally use only your body weight which is designed to not only keep your heart rate up but also result in optimal muscle building and retention. Like any high intensity workout however, you must know your body’s limits. HIIT can be dangerous if you work yourself too hard, so know when to stop and train with a friend.



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It looks like we’ve come full circle. While other fitness trends drew us away from the hum drum routine of running on a treadmill like a deranged hamster, the latest classes to pop up in Manhattan are treadmill studios. Places like the Mile High Run Club might be destined to become the new SoulCycle. Group treadmill classes are designed along the same vein as spinning classes where everybody follows an instructor through a structured routine. The essential workout relies on high-speed repetitions, intense intervals, recovery in-between, and cool downs. If you figure yourself more of a runner than a cyclist, then treadmill classes are perfect for you.

Health Goth


Okay– so #healthgoth isn’t really a different kind of class or workout, but we thought it would be fun to mention it because of the inspiration behind it. A meme started by two people, Mike Grabarek of Portland (where else?) and Johnny Love, health goth has become a community of self-identified goths who are as passionate about getting fit as they are about metal. Monster Cycle, a newly opened cycle spinning studio in trendy SoHo, is representative of this growing subculture within fitness AND goth that combines the two unlikely communities together. With 30 stationary bicycles, a dark room, a playlist filled with gnarly riffs and sick solos, and a leather-clad MC, health goth is taking the stage with a new and edgy fusion of fitness and aesthetics. If you really think about it, the culture behind is as familiar as the passion Crossfit and yoga enthusiasts have for their craft. Love and many others have begun producing their own line of fringe active wear that appeals to the fit goth community, including a black sports bra with an upside-down Nike logo with the message “I just can’t”.



With the last trend in mind, we’d like to end this article with a short reflection. Yes– trends come and go, some become mainstays and gain a loyal following, while others fade into obscurity. At the end of the day, what we love about these trends is that they inspire people to work towards a better, healthier lifestyle. To us at Fitness Luxe, a fit and confident life is the best life to have. If air drumming or doing hot yoga inspires you to make moves and become a better person, then keep doing what you’re doing!


Featured photo taken by Runar Eilertsen/Flickr

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