In keeping with our Fashion Week theme, it seems appropriate to call on another recent form of synergy, fashionable fitness tech! In a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire creative director Nina Garcia called wearing a fitness tracker “a badge of honor, whether you’re healthy or not”. While we think fitness trackers should be used to its full potential and not just as another accessory, Garcia’s words are indicative of a growing initiative to bring fitness technology out of gyms and into everyday life.


Source: Ralph Lauren

Take Ralph Lauren for example. The sporty brand unveiled a high-performance compression shirt on Monday during the start of the U.S. Open. The aptly named Polo Tech is the brainchild of Ralph Lauren and fitness tech company OMsignal which already boasts an extensive collection of biometric smartwear. The shirt features biometric-tracking and movement capture sensors knitted into the material which sends data via bluetooth or cloud for easy viewing after and during your workout.  Despite the amount of tech that goes into it, the shirt looks relatively normal and low-key. Blend in not stand out seems to be a developing thee in this tech movement.


Source(left to right): Shine by Misfit, Tory Burch are all pursuing a blending in rather than standing out strategy.

This movement away from clunky to sleek can also be seen in the ever changing line of fitness-tracking bracelets. From Nike to the less mainstream Basis Watch have all started producing collections that stresses aesthetics rather than functionality. Misfit’s SHINE is the perfect example of a tasteful marriage between fashion and technology. It even made an appearance on the runway this week at Becca McCharen and Chromat’s show! The smooth and sleek accessory performs perfectly whether it’s clipped onto a swimsuit or as a trendy necklace on a night out. Fitbit is also making a splash at Fashion Week with its collaboration with luxury brand Tory Burch. The popular fitness tracker can now be worn as a pendant for a necklace or a classy metal or silicone bracelet.

Today’s fitness technology sets out to not only help you analyse your workout but also inspire you to do more and push yourself. It follows the golden rule of “if you look good, you’ll feel good!” These new innovations are only the beginning and we’re excited to see what happens next, especially with the much anticipated Apple Smart Watch making its debut today.

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