It’s been a week since I’ve updated Fitness Luxe and I apologize for my absence, but have I got a story for you. To get away from the never-ending winter wonderland that is the East Coast, a friend and I took a trip to the culturally rich South America. From the European-inspired architecture of Buenos Aires to the breathtaking remains of Peru’s ancient civilization, it was a whirlwind of a week. Onto to the pictures!

euro architecture

Anyone who visits Buenos Aires can see that the lovely capital of Argentina lives up to its reputation as the Paris of South America. A multicultural city, Buenos Aires boasts a unique mix of European and Argentinian influences, the European-inspired architecture towers over elegant cobblestone streets. With little side-street cafes, balmy trees, endless shopping choices, and delicious cuisine from around the world, Buenos Aires is the perfect romantic getaway.

The best way to enjoy Buenos Aires is to walk and enjoy the city’s diverse heritage. If walking isn’t your style, the subway is very safe, clean, and quick! Buy a ticket or get a Sube card, a rechargeable subway card for longer stays. Need to get somewhere quick? When it comes to taxis, Radio Taxis is very reliable, but do make sure you have a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish and keep a close eye on the route and meter –your driver might be taking you for a ride!



palermo graffiti 2

For late night revelers, Buenos Aires is party central. Palermo, one of the trendier neighborhoods, is home to many popular nightclubs, discotheques, and bars. The nightly celebrations typically starts at 12 after a decadent meal and continues on into the early morning. Dance the night away, drink to your heart’s content, and enjoy a late night meal.We spent most of our short stay in Palermo. The neighborhood is split into two segments, Hollywood and Soho. You’ll find both areas are filled with restaurants from Italian to traditional Argentinian steakhouses. If you’re a graffitiphile, Buenos Aires is the perfect place for a graffiti hunt. We spent two hours wandering the streets of Palermo and found amazing murals around every corner.

Don Julio, parilla restaurant in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

On the subject of restaurants, you can’t visit Argentina without going to at least one steakhouse. A bite of prime cut beef cooked to flavorful and juicy perfection and your taste-buds will be over the moon! With attentive service, good wine, and great company, a excellent steakhouse can make your trip one for the ages. I recommend Don Julio in Palermo Soho for reasonably priced food, perfect service, and free Prosecco as you wait for your table. Arrive before 8:30 pm to beat the dinner rush and get a relatively early meal.




At the very heart of the Buenos Aires is the towering Obelisco de Buenos Aires is a national historic monument that was built to commemorate the first foundation of the city. Surrounding the obelisk are several different iconic landmarks such as the famous Evita mural, The Pirámide de Mayo (“May Pyramid”) the oldest national monument in the city, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the massive Colón Theatre. Once you’ve exhausted the landmarks in the city center, take a relaxing walk to the beautiful Recoleta.

ricoleta church

Take out your camera, it’s time for some amazing photo ops! With great architecture, stylish outdoor cafes, passionate tango performances, and colorful flea markets, Recoleta has a lot to offer. Visit the Recoleta Cultural Center for an extra dose of culture and history. If you’re in a shopping mood, head to the nearby Buenos Aires Design Center for some R&R and tasteful interior design. Of course, what draws most tourists to Recoleta is the famous Recoleta Cemetery.

Morbid? Sure, but this graveyard is something else! With larger than life mausoleums towering over you on either side, walking through the Recoleta Cemetery feels more like you’re strolling through a tiny neighborhood rather than a cemetery. Some graves date back to the early 1800s! For those who want a thrill, take the night tour –you might want to bring a friend along for emotional support and an arm to squeeze. Day or night, I recommend taking a tour to learn all the secrets the cemetery has to offer.




The day isn’t over when the sun sets, in fact the city comes alive after dark. Put on your dancing shoes and party the night away, you can sleep when you’re on the plane back home! But also don’t miss out on all the wonderful landmarks to see during the day. Remember, you’re on vacation. Relax, take it easy, and enjoy a fresh cup of espresso now and then. Next stop, Peru!

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