Stop spending your money on those tiny little pots of moisturizer and pick up some dumbbells because exercising is the new Fountain of Youth!

As we get older, our skin gets thicker, flakier, and worst of all, saggier. It’s just a part of life. Skincare regimes can be long and tedious and will most definitely burn a hole through your wallet. Admit it, we’ve all seen a good chunk of our salaries go towards desperately trying to reverse an almost inevitable process. Fortunately, all is not lost and your bank account might have just found its savior.


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Did you know? Exercising can keep saggy aging skin at bay Recent studies have found that exercise not only keeps skin younger, it may also REVERSE skin aging. Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario have found that mice that were given a steady regime of exercise managed to delay and even reverse the signs of aging. While the control group (mice that weren’t exercising) quickly lost hair, energy, and health, the exercising mice maintained healthy brains, hearts, and fur. The researchers then moved their focus to human subjects which produced similar results. They found that the volunteers that were aged 65 or older and exercised had skin that looked very similar to those of 20-to 40-year-olds!

So what’s the science behind it? Myokines, a substance that plays an important role in functions such as muscle regeneration and repair.  Scientists found that the skin samples of the exercising volunteers had greatly augmented levels of a myokine called IL-15.  Myokine is produced and released by muscle fibers in motion. The substance then enters the bloodstream and activates changes in cell behavior.


While  skincare regimes, diet, and sun exposure are all important aspects to consider, the results from this study are remarkable! If anything, now there are MORE reasons to work out than not. All that pain and sweat is worth it after all.


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