Don’t you hate it when a pesky pair of earphones interrupt your workout? Your favorite song comes on and it gives you the extra boost to keep going, you’re in the moment, when suddenly you’re violently thrown out of rhythm by a bulky piece of wiring. Run-of-the-mill earphones just don’t quite fit an active lifestyle! A lot of companies have realized this and are creating a new line of fitness-friendly earphones. Here are the best headphones for a great uninterrupted workout.

Philips ActionFit SHQ5200


Tuned for sports, the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 are sleek headphones equipped with a non-slip headband that will fit snugly around your head, and mositure-wicking, washable ear cushions that will keep your ears dry and comfy. The Philips headphone’s open acoustic design will allow you to be aware of your environment and enjoy your music at the same time while you’re out for a run. Albeit a bit bulky, these headphones are light and quite durable.

JayBirds BlueBuds X


These tiny earphones pack a mighty punch! Its striking ear cushions fit into the top, back, and lower surfaces areas of the ear, which ensures your earphones will stay intact in even the most intense of workouts. The smallest bluetooth headphones in the world, BlueBuds offers a life-time warranty against sweat and has a voice recognition feature so you can get to your favorite playlist that much faster.

Pioneer SE-E721


Pioneer headphones are an extremely secure fit and looks quite durable for even the most extreme adrenaline junkie. Despite the bulky look, it is quite light and comes with four different sized ear tips. The adjustable buds allow you to control the fit as well as the amount of sound which tends to emphasize bassy, up-tempo music.

Monster iSport Victory



These in-ear headphones offers comfort and distortion-free sound. Monster’s sporty headphones come with 5 pairs of ear-tips and 3 pairs of in-ear stabilizers for your convenience. Durable and tangle-free, the iSport Victory’s sound emphasizes the mids and lows which is perfect for a heart-pumping musical number.

Bose SIE2i


Bose is known for durable and reliable headphones and the SIE2i lives up to its brand. The ear tips, which come in three sizes, are a snug fit to your ear’s shape and are covered in hydrophobic cloth. These headphones come with an exclusive Reebok armband which will hold your music device in place while you run.

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