Remember back in the day when your workout wardrobe comprised of a pair of old sweats and a t-shirt? Long gone are the days of athletes airing out their old and worn out clothes, today’s everyday workout requires an attention to detail.

With the rising popularity of fitness fashion, the active wear market has become oversaturated with options. Experts and beginners alike must navigate through a labyrinth of buzzwords and trends for the perfect fit. Want to upgrade your workout wardrobe but getting lost in the active wear lingo? Here are a few definitions to help you find that perfect pair of yoga pants.


Are you sick of that wet and heavy feeling after an intense workout? It might be time to make a switch from cotton to synthetics. Moisture-wicking gear like Spandex and Lycra allows you to stay cooler and dryer by drawing sweat and moisture away from the body.  This fabric is made up of synthetic mesh provides extra breathability in those areas in which we sweat the most. Why feel heavy when you can feel light as air?

We Recommend:

Z80898_01     Z92566_02

Reebok Women’s Sport Essential PlayDry Tank Top,

Moving Comfort Talent Tank or Nike Dri-Fit Cotton Tee


Just as its name suggests, antimicrobial clothing inhibits the growth of bacteria, which ultimately prevents odor. No matter how many times you wash them, cotton clothes tend to retain the sweat and grit from a good workout. Most active wear contain some level of antimicrobial protection to enhance durability. Protective gear such as mouth guards, chest and pelvic protectors has made huge advances in this respect.

We Recommend:


Moving Comfort out-of-sight bikini

It gives you a great workout coverage that’s oh so comfortable; it will remain out-of-mind. It’s comfortable, second-skin fit with zero telltale lines. The free-cut leg openings offer a soft, irritation-free fit with sew-free seams and the technical wicking fabric gives it an antimicrobial finish.


Fitness wear is getting caught up in the green revolution. With sustainable materials such as wool, bamboo, and coconut, fitness apparel companies are ushering in a blend of green fitness materials with their own advantages. Coconut can suppress odor and dries quickly, while bamboo, aloe, and soy can keep your clothes soft and comfortable.

We recommend:


Gaiam’s Sol Suddha Eco Yoga Mat

Perfect for the yogi who is passionate about her practice and the planet, this yoga mat is made from eco-friendly TPE material plastic and is biodegradable. TPE also has a unique closed-cell structure, locking out moisture, odor and germs, and is 100% recyclable.


Gaiam Pleated Tank

This lightweight tank feels as amazing on as it looks. Made from a blend of rayon from sustainable bamboo and Spandex, it wicks sweat and has a keyhole opening in the back that looks stylish and will help keep you cool. Plus, the double-layer band around the hem keeps the tank in place while you move and stretch.

Under Armour has a whole line of “green” active wear that is comfortable, sustainable, and efficient. The line uses up to 4 recycled bottles in each piece of apparel! Check out more UA apparel here.


Shape-conforming garments aren’t just for looking good, there are health benefits too!  The concept of compression has actually been used in the medical community for centuries. Studies have shown that wearing compression apparel increases blood circulation by 30%, optimizes muscle power and stamina, regulates body temperature, reduces fatigue, and speeds up recovery.  When shopping for compression apparel, look for form-fitting and anatomically shaped garments, as well as a label with the level of pressure measured in millimeters of mercury. Anything over 10 will make your workout exponentially more effective.

We recommend: 


UA’s original HeatGear® ArmourVent Capri 

UA’s original HeatGear® ArmourVent boasts an ultra-tight fit that will give you the ultimate combination of compression and comfort. Check out their diverse collection of light, stretchy, and fast drying apparel here.

Reebok has a wonderful collection of basic active wear that are reliable and comfortable. Go out and start your new active wardrobe with a pair of lightweight cross fit shorts or a pair of leggings. If you’re looking for a good pair of yoga pants check out Gaiam’s wonderful selection!

Photo taken by Calibe Thompson.


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