Skip the run-of-the-mill date you’ve got planned this Valentine’s Day and do something truly memorable with your SO. Going out to catch a movie (Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone?) or a crazy night out can be fun, but it gets a bit routine. If you and your partner prefer the burn of a good workout over the burn of questionable tequila, read on for five sexy workout dates that will definitely get some hearts pumping this Valentine’s Day!



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Any Yogi worth his or her salt will tell you this: yoga is a sensual activity. So skip hitting the sheets (for now) and get hot and heavy on the mats with your SO. Whether you’re at home or at the studio, doing yoga will melt off any lingering stress or bad vibes. For those looking for a challenge, head to the nearest hot yoga class.  For those looking for something a bit more sultry, stay at home, light some candles and enjoy an intimate naked yoga session.




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Add a dash of intrigue to a routine jog with a scavenger hunt! Place personal clues at landmarks or familiar date spots for your SO to hunt down one after the other. No cars or any sort of public transportation is allowed. Stay just a few steps ahead of your partner to ensure he or she gets the clues and make sure they make it to the end of the trail for the ultimate prize! The mystery and excitement of the hunt will make all that running around a game rather than a routine exercise.




What could be more romantic than being literally bound to your SO? An interactive and challenging activity, rock climbing will put a couple’s combined skill and teamwork to the test. While belaying your soulmate as they climb up, be sure to dish out helpful advice and encouragement, they’ll thank you later. Whether you’re checking their harness before a climb or helping them ease off the wall afterwards, this activity requires some light physical contact which –for either party– can be tantalizing. If you’re more adventurous, tackle actual mountains. The rush of reaching the summit together is indescribable.




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Feeling outdoorsy? Take your partner out for a all day camping adventure. Find somewhere private with a breathtaking view, bring or cook a delicious meal, and enjoy each other’s company under the stars. Leave the car and walk up for the best experience., the view will be all the more majestic after a good workout. Remember– it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters most. While lounging under the night sky is fantastic, a challenging hike to get there makes the experience all the more memorable.




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When in doubt, profess your love with food! Don’t eat out this Valentine’s Day, a home-cooked meal is so much better! Bring the date into the kitchen and whip up a yummy healthy meal together. It’s a great opportunity to not only bond over food, but be playful and creative –think Ghost but with a juicer. Check out our healthy recipes here.




Strengthen your relationship while strengthening your core! A lot of boot camp classes offer a special Valentine’s Day-themed class, so why not sweat it out with your SO in a challenging and fun workout? If you can push each other through intense circuits, you’ll be prepared for whatever else life throws your way. Couples who sweat together, stay together.

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