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When you think of vibrant fitness hub, New York City doesn’t really come to mind but you can’t underestimate our rich and diverse choices of studios and gyms. How else would we work off all those brunches? While you won’t find any mountains or winding paths to tackle here, NYC provides a lot of great and fun ways to get strong.


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Cycling is a way of life in NYC. With the high-stress environment on the streets, it only makes sense for the activity to move indoors. The typical cycling studio is equipped with rows upon rows of stationary bikes, pumped up music, and an equally energized instructor. Spin classes will burn tons of calories and keep you in shape regardless of the weather outside, it’s a great alternative to the real thing. Your instructor will guide your through the workout which includes warm-ups, cadences, intervals, climbs, and cool-downs. With complete control over your bike’s pedal resistance at your fingertips, cycling classes are great for beginner and advanced cyclists alike.

For an innovative and unique workout, check out KiwiSweatCrank, and Swerve.



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The hottest trend of the year, CrossFit has found a permanent home in the city. CrossFit incorporates high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, gymnastics, and calisthenics. Those who practice CrossFit tout it as an all around great workout and way of life. This fusion of different workouts will push your body to the limit, it’s a bit like extreme circuit training. For those beginners out there, don’t hesitate to try this trend out! The CrossFit community is welcoming and very supportive, they even hold regular socials. For those who are experienced, get ready to bring your fit game to the next level! Everyone will find a challenge with CrossFit.

Push yourself at the original CrossFit Gym in NYC, or its Williamsburg counterpart CrossFit Virtuosity.

Barre Fitness

Photo taken by Studio Barre.Photo taken by Studio Barre.

If you’re looking to tone your body without adding bulk, give Barre exercises a try! This workout is centered on its namesake, the ballet bar. Barre will trim off those extra inches and give you a lean, fit dancer’s body. Unlike CrossFit, which will give you bulk, Barre’s fusion of pilates, weight training, and ballet techniques focuses on strengthening and more importantly, lengthening your body. Expect light weights and A LOT of reps!

Sculpt your way to a perfect dancer’s body at Pure Barre, Physique 57, and Bari Studio.

Aerial Yoga

Photo taken by A4gpa.

Photo taken by A4gpa.

No list about NYC fitness would be complete without a nod to our favorite activity, yoga! From Bikram to kettle-bells, New York has an endless fusion of yoga techniques and styles. Aerial or antigravity yoga takes classic yoga poses to the sky or, to be more accurate, the ceiling! A fusion of gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, and yoga, aerial yoga uses utilizes hammocks suspended from the ceiling as props during your meditation. By using the prop as a way to alleviate weight and pressure on your body, you will be able to perfectly execute yoga poses, unencumbered by pressure or pain in your joints. Just because there’s no pain, doesn’t mean your body isn’t getting the workout it deserves. The nature of aerial yoga forces all parts of your body to move and stretch, making it quite a challenging workout!

Lift your spirits at OM FactoryUnnata® Aerial Yoga , and Holding Space.

Boot Camp

Photo by Dangerously Fit.

Photo taken by Dangerously Fit.

After a long hard day at work, it’s hard to find time and motivation to workout. Joining a tough and hardy boot camp is a surefire way to get fit fast –that is if you don’t mind being pushed to your limit by a trainer. From running circuits in well-equipped studios to drill sessions in Central Park, boot camp instructors and their strict regimes will kick you butt anytime, anywhere.  Boot camps offer a range of circuit regimes including yoga, martial arts, interval training, and core training. It’s a great way to get a taste of a huge array of exercises!

Get fit quick at Bootcamp Republic, Circuit of Change, and Barry’s Bootcamp.

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