Working out is meant to be a challenge, but the right active wear makes a difference between your workout being a success or a disaster. Here are some workout essentials that everybody should have in their closet:

1. Lift-Me-Ups


A supportive sports bra makes the difference between an enjoyable workout and an unbearable workout. Look out for bras with moisturewicking material and most importantly, a reliable system of support that won’t put any pressure on your shoulders or your back.

2.  Sleek Capris

From pumping iron at the gym to going out for a quick bite to eat, capris are a comfortable choice of active wear. Lightweight, moisturewicking capris are a flexible wardrobe staple, soon you’ll find yourself wearing them wherever you go! Instead of wasting precious minutes trying to figure out what you’re going to wear to the gym, slip on your pair of handy capris and get going.

3. Trainers Gives You Wings


Oh, the places you’ll go with a comfy pair of cross-trainers! If you feel like your shoes are weighing you down instead of picking you up, buy a  pair of lightweight and sturdy cross trainers. It’s incredibly important to wear trainers that will support the arch of your feet and absorb the shock of pounding the pavement. We recommend shoes from the Cloud collection from the Swiss company, On.

4. Layering


Style a basic look by layering. Mix and match a tank and sports bra according to your tastes and let your sense of style speak for itself when you’re out and about!

5.  High-Impact Socks

Photo taken by Ed Yourdon

Photo taken by Ed Yourdon

A great pair of cross-trainers needs a great pair of socks. Running socks will keep blisters and other foot ailments at bay. A good pair of high-impact running socks will typically feature shock-absorbing cushioning and moisturewicking material. Nike’s Dri-FIT collection boasts a diverse choice to choose from.

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